Climate Fresk

- 2pm to 5pm
Vauban Co-Working 41 bd Vauban - Lille

3 hours to engage with climate change!

To Students and Employees at "Université Catholique de Lille"

Collective understanding & commitment


You don’t have time to read the 2000 pages of the IPCC report? In 3 hours, the collaborative workshop “The Climate Fresk” allows you to understand the essential issues of climate change in order to take action. Helping to push the world into transition

Only when everyone understands the current climate emergency will we be able to act at the scale necessary. For the last two years, the Climate Fresk has been creating an exponential wave of realizations and commitment.

The workshop
For an inexperienced or trained audience, based on IPCC reports, the Climate Fresk is the reference collaborative workshop to collectively understand the implications of climate change and trigger action.


Climate Fresk

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